What is halal ?

Halal is a Quranic term which means lawful, permissible or legal. The opposite of Halal is Haram , which means unlawful or prohibited. Halal is a permissible and lawful act upon which no restriction exists according to Shariah Law.

what is Haram food ?

All kinds of food are considered halal except the following, which are haram:

  • Swine/pork and its by-products.
  • Animals improperly slaughtered or dead before slaughtering.
  • Animals not slaughtered in the name of Allah.
  • Alcohol and all forms of intoxicating and hazardous drinks.
  • Carnivorous animals, birds of prey, and land animals without external ears.
  • Pests such as rats, centipedes, scorpions and other similar animals.
  • Animals forbidden to be killed in Islam e.g. ants, bees, spider and woodpecker birds.
  • Animals which are considered repulsive generally like lice, flies, maggots and other similar animals.
  • Animals that live both on land and in water such as frogs, crocodiles and other similar animals.
  • Blood and by-products of blood.
  • Foods and drinks which contain any of the above haram ingredients or contaminated through contact with any of the above products.

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